Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Liaisons – Carolyn Witherspoon and Julleah Johnson



Our Sister City relationship with Kaohsiung was established in 1983.  Located in the southwest coast of Taiwan, Kaohsiung is the biggest commercial harbor and the second biggest city in Taiwan, boasting a population of now over 2.7 million.  It merged with Kaohsiung County in late 2010 to become Greater Kaohsiung.   Mandarin and English are spoken in this city where Buddhism is the major religion.


The container cargo Kaohsiung harbor handles ranks sixth in the world. In the process of modernization, Kaohsiung strides into the 21st century as a newly emerging international metropolis. Recently, Kaohsiung has transformed from a city of traditional industries into a city of hi-tech, high value-added and low polluting industries. Kaohsiung city government has devoted a lot of efforts to establishing fundamental infrastructures, such as integration of MRT with High Speed Railway and Railroad, planning of Multi-function Commercial Park and biotech park, improving drinking water quality, purification and beautification of river. The City is trying to make Kaohsiung a friendly and sustainable city for living and doing business.


Visions of Kaohsiung can be identified in the following ways:


“Maritime Capital” means to plan and design the future developments of Kaohsiung with a marine vision. With the endowments of magnificent rivers, green hills and a natural port, Kaohsiung is attempting to develop into an ocean-going city with fundamental infrastructure, such as sea-faring industries, waterfront facilities, water sports and tourism. “ Friendly city” means that Kaohsiung is planning to develop into a sustainable, environmentally friendly city. Sustainable development of the city includes: Construction of public transportation MRT, sewage system, e-city, etc. Environmentally friendly measures include cleaning up the rivers, preservation of wetlands, improving the air quality, utilization of solar energy, etc. In addition, humanitarian policies like guide-dog program and preservation of culture and heritage are also the focus of city development. ” Healthy City & Athletic City” Kaohsiung City hosted the 8th World Games in 2009. While moving toward the World Games, Kaohsiung initiated a campaign to turn the city into a healthy and athletic city. The citizens of Kaohsiung are seen engaging in regular physical exercises and sports.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan city website http://w4.kcg.gov.tw/~english/